Sinners Prayer

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This is the prayers of people who have given themselves to Jesus Christ.
If you like to post your sinner pray here you can click on Contact me and email it to me and i will be happy to post it for you.


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for Your grace and mercy to me. Forgive my hardness of heart which I have displayed to others as well as to You. Cleanse me of all self-absorption, self-pity, anger, hatred, bitterness, vengefulness, hopelessness and resentment. Help me to walk in Your love and to know Your love in my own heart. Though I don't have it within me, I know that You have it within You and that you bestow your power to the weak. I confess my weakness and I look to You to make me strong in love, patience, longsuffering and humility. I perceive all the trials in my life as a test of my faith, for you know it will make me stronger. You are rich in mercy and will not chide and scold me for my mistake. I'm calling on You for forgiveness and the strength to believe Your Word and to follow it.

Lord, please send me the power of the Holy Spirit to strengthen me so I can follow all You've put in my heart. Help me not to stumble back into my old ways, but walk in the newness of life that You have promised to those who are born again. Let my life be the fragrance of grace to all I meet. Let me show to others the kind of love that You have shown to me.

Thank you for your faithfulness Lord. I cling to your mercy and love You with all my heart. In Jesus Name, AMEN....

Posted 11/08/2008

Heavenly Father,
I am a sinner and please shine you light on me
I also wanted to say thank you for being there for me
I fall on your mercy and pray to you for forgiveness
I am not worthy of you
I ask you to imprint your word in my heart and my mind
I ask you to stay with me forever and ever
I give you my life because you’re my Lord, Savior and God
Please make me a better person in my life through you
I ask these things because I Love you
I thank you for dying on the cross for me
Please work in my heart and in my life so I can be like you
When I fall, stumble or go off track you are there to pick me back up.
I thank you for being there for me.
I ask this in Jesus Christ name



Updated on April 8, 2009
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