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I wanted to let everyone know that the first testimony is mine but all the others is from other people.

Jesus taling to a Samaritan woman

The Day I Gave myself

I gave myself to the Lord on Good Friday of 2004, but lets go back before that. I was the type of person who would worry so much that I would lose sleep, get in to arguments, get mad at anything Etc... Well it was 8 to 10 months before Good Friday of 2004, I started to ask questions about God. The person I asked was my friend at work and he would answer all my questions with Scripture and in a lot of ways it seemed right in what he was saying.

After a few months of asking questions and just talking about God, I asked him which Bible should I get? Mitch told me which one to get, so I started to read it. After a month or two the movie The Passion came out in the theater and I went to see it a few times. Every time I saw it I just broke down and cried. The movie gave me the last push to give myself to Jesus. The Day of Good Friday came and I was driving in my car, so I called Mitch at home because I wanted to pray the sinners prayer. I did call a few times and he just wasn't home. I was driving by a Sierra Community Church, I looked at it and was thinking I should talk to someone there. After a few seconds I turned around and went back to the church. I went in and asked if I could talk to a pastor The person I talked with said there was no one to talk to because they were busy. Then she asked is it personal, family or financial problems? I told her that it was personal. A few minutes went by and a Pastor John came down and we talked. Pastor John asked me questions and I would answer them. After we talked we both started to pray together. I never felt so broken in my life. After we talked and prayed, he gave me a bible and told me the times for services are. I told him I didn't know if I could make it because the times were early. He told me that there are people who I work with in the same company who attended, so I had no excuses at all.


I left the church and started to go home when I stopped by a friends house and we talked. He looked at me and said that I was glowing and acting like a little kid. I felt like I had no worries. I was at peace and everything was right. For the next week I was acting like a little child running around telling my friends what happened to me because I just wanted everyone to give themselves to Jesus. I told my friend Mitch what happened on Good Friday and he just rejoiced in God (Jesus) that I gave myself to Jesus. For the last 2 years Jesus has given me Love, Peace, and freedom from everything. Jesus has changed me from worry, anger, and arguing, to a total life of peace.

When I was 16 Years Old

It was 21 years ago when I was 16 years old, long before I was saved. I took my mom and dad van out for a drive. I took the van around the corner to a church and did some damage to the property that would cost them money. Well needless to say my mom and dad found that I took the van out for a drive and so they yelled at me and told me never to do that again. Well know that I got saved on Good Friday of 2004. I was going to church every Sunday and I was taking a trip back to New Jersey and I did not want to miss a day of church. I went to work and was talking to a friend of mine and told him what was going on. He asked me did I talk to Jesus about this and I said no, not at all. My friend said talk to Jesus about it.

So it was a day or two later I started to talk to Jesus about all of this and I had my ticket to go back to New Jersey. I started to surf the internet to see if I can find a church back there. Well I looked and looked and found one so I called them and the phone rang and rang, then it went busy. I called again and it rang 3 times then went busy. I called one more time and it rang once and went busy. So I look at up and said you don’t want to me to that church. I called the church I go to now and ask them if they knew any churches to go to back their and they said they will have to do some research on it. Well I said ok and went back on the internet and kept on looking.

Well I found another church and called it, I got someone after a couple of rings on the phone. Me and the other person talked for 45 minutes on the phone, I gave him my testimony on the phone on the day I gave myself to Jesus. Well he gave me the times of the services. I told him I hope we can meet in person when I get there. Well when I got off the phone with the person I was talking with I looked the map to see were the church is and it was the same church right around the corner from my house, the church I drove the van to. So the time came when I went back to New Jersey to see my friends and family. Sunday came and I went to church, it was such a nice service and the church was filled with God’s love there because they welcomed me with open arms. Now at this time I was nervous to say anything to anyone but when the service was over I went up to the Pastor and asked him if we can talk and he said yes but he wanted to say goodbye to everyone who attended the service first.

When he was done with say thank you to everyone who was there the Pastor and I talked in his office and I told him my name. I told the Pastor in what I did to the church but no details but did say to him that I was sorry for costing the church money for what I did. The one thing he said to me was it is under the blood and not to worry about it no more. He also said that he see in how sorry I was. So after some time of talking more the pastor wanted me to give my testimony to the church that night and I told him the I had made plans that night with my family. When I was leaving the church we kept on talking and then we stopped and prayed together. After we prayed I left the church and never went back that night.

Well it was a year later I went back to New Jersey and I went back to the same church again. The service was so good and at one point of the service they asked people to give themselves to Jesus and people went up there. I was so scared because I wanted to give my testimony to the church, so I got up and walked to the Pastor and asked him if he remembered me and what he asked was are you growing in Christ and I said yes I am. So I asked him if I could give my testimony now to the church and he said yes but the wanted to finish the service first. When they finished he started to tell the story then he but then he introduced me, so I was so nervous to say anything but I started to talk to the church and told them in the thing I did but not in detail. I did ask the church for there forgiveness and said sorry but also said that I was forgiven by Jesus for all the things that I have done in my life. I started to cry and looking at the people and not sure in what they would say to me. This I can say when I got done in tell me testimony that gave applause to me and all I could do was cry and hold my head down in shame and you know what no one said nothing to me to make me feel bad. The love of Jesus was truly there in the Church and not I think of the church as my second home now. The funny thing was the person I talked to the year before came up to me and said yes it is all under the blood and not to worry. So we talked for a little while. This I can say not I felt so broken while given my testimony but Jesus got me through it all and I am glad that I did give my testimony to the church, see I didn’t have to but I wanted to.

My Testimony

When I was a child, my mother really like bring me to idolatry. At that time I feel curiosity about some mysterious things. I believe that the people’s soul never die, I don’t know why I thought that. You know in china all of our education tells us that there is no God in the world. China is a atheistic country. I found those idols never bring happy and peace to my family. My parents has had a bad relationship. These idols are so ugly and they give us many troubles and so I threw the last one out. I decided that I don’t believe anything else. I feel like I had a meaningless life and I also thought death many times. I am the only child of my parents and I can not make them sad for me and also there are some hope in my heart. I have had a dream but I can not describe it clearly. I thought maybe education can bring hope to my life, so I want to go to university.

After I went to university, I still couldn’t find some meanings to feed my empty heart. I feeling that this is a cold world and nobody concerned about me except my ill mother. I can not forgive my father and it was long time that I couldn’t cry out. My heart feels like it was so cold. After some time I met a new friend who know lots Christian people. One of his friends lend a bible to me so I could study at that time. They studied a book named New Life. When my friend invited me to join their study group, I said “yes”. I want to kill some time on my weekends and I can study some western culture. When we prayed and read the bible, my heart thaw from a cold heart. There is lots sunshine in God’s words and I started to cry. This make me surprise and I realized that something revived in my heart.

My brothers and sisters in Christ love me very much and I felt that I have found my family now. My classmate said that I had some changes after I studied bible after few weeks. She said that she can see a sweet smile from my face and from my heart. Then I realized that God is real God, He gave me a new heart, life and new smile. “He will lead me to springs of living water. God will wipe away every tear from my eyes and I ”thank God for it” therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation; the old has gone. The new has come. This is my process of becoming a Christian.

Thank you for reading.


Updated on April 8, 2009
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